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Frequently asked questions

  • Neutral protects families against allergic skin reactions. 

    We have developed gentle personal care and household products in collaboration with the Danish Asthma and Allergy Association, which are specially formulated to reduce and prevent risk of allergic skin reactions and irritations. 

    Many everyday home and personal care products contain ingredients – such as perfumes, colorants and parabens – which are known to cause skin allergy. We're here to help you to create a home and lifestyle free from skin allergies.


  • We have received endorsements from Asthma-Allergy Denmark for more than 25 years, as well as Allergy UK and Allergy Certified. When you see their logo on our packs and on our website, it's their seal of approval you can trust.

    We actively seek endorsements from respected allergy organisations, and by keeping up to date with the latest research, we continue to develop formulas for sensitive skin that you can trust.  

  • A number of typical allergens are found in various personal care and household products - from fragrances to preservatives. It's especially important to read the ingredients on the label when choosing cosmetics and laundry products, as fabrics and creams come into direct contact with your skin every day. If the formula contain allergens, this constant use can put you at risk of allergic conditions such as atopic eczema (also called atopic dermatitis or inflammation of the skin).

  • An allergen is a substance that can cause an allergic reaction. All our bodies are different: In some, the immune system may perceive a substance as a 'foreign body' or a 'dangerous' threat, while others will not experience an allergic reaction at all. Typical allergens include: perfumes and fragrances, preservatives, animal fur, dust, foods (such as milk and wheat), pollen and topical medicines. 

  • If an allergen enters your body, your immune system triggers an antibody response. When the antibodies come into contact with the allergen, the mast cells release their own substances, including histamine. This causes uncomfortable swelling and inflammation of the surrounding tissues - and that's your allergic reaction. When irritation remains localised in one area of the body, most symptoms are focused on the affected part of the body (for example, the skin, airways or eyes). 

  • Although there may not be a cure, there are things you can do to help manage your family's allergies. Start by identifying allergens in your home and making small changes to try to reduce them. Neutral's range of personal care and household products are designed in collaboration with the Danish Asthma and Allergy Association, to reduce and prevent risk of allergic skin reactions and irritations. 

  • Eczema is a common skin disease affecting millions of people worldwide. There are several types of eczema that can flare up different parts of the body. They are characterised by red, scaly skin and intense itching and all start and end primarily in childhood but can continue into adulthood. 

  •  All skin types can benefit from milder household and body care formulas as they help prevent skin irritation and skin allergic reactions. Although our products are not designed to treat eczema or contact dermatitis, our formulas are free of unnecessary additives such as perfumes and dyes - making them gentle enough to be used on eczema-prone skin.

  • All our products are dermatologically tested. They are specifically designed to help keep skin healthy and are gentle enough for all skin types - from normal to sensitive.