Neutral Baby Oil 150 ml

Neutral Baby Oil- 150 ml.

Moisturising baby oil for baby's sensitive skin

Our moisturising baby oil keeps your baby's sensitive skin in balance. It keeps skin moisturised and reduces the risk of skin irritation and allergic reactions.

Our baby oil contains only the ingredients your baby needs, leaving your baby's skin soft and healthy.

Your baby's skin is precious and vulnerable, so it needs special protection.

Neutral 0% Baby Oil contains 0% perfume, colourants and parabens and help to keep your baby's skin healthy without worries - every day.

Thanks to our non-greasy formulation, our baby oil is easy to use - whether it is after the bath or when you are on the go.

Olus Oil, Citric Acid. 


Baby oil can be used in several different ways.
You can drip a few drops of baby oil into the bath water, which helps to add moisture and soften your baby's skin.
Remember that baby oil is not cleansing.
Therefore, you should always wash your baby with soap if you need to remove dirt and bacteria.

You can also use baby oil to massage your baby with.
Neutral baby oil adds lots of moisture, and feels enriching and natural on the skin.
Massage your baby with baby oil before bed to calm down and put your baby to sleep.

A baby oil can also be used as a remedy for scars - apply a little on the exposed area.
Let the baby oil work overnight and use a comb or washcloth and carefully wipe it off.

Questions about our products

  • We are here to help you create a home and a lifestyle without skin allergies. Whether you need normal skin care for sensitive skin, sensitive baby skin or a skin prone to eczema, we have developed gentle household products and products for personal care

  • An allergen is a substance that can cause an allergic reaction. All our bodies are different: in some, the immune system may perceive a substance as a 'foreign body' or a 'dangerous' threat, while others will not experience an allergic reaction at all. Typical allergens include: perfumes and fragrances, preservatives, animal fur, dust, foods (such as milk and wheat), pollen and topical medicines.

  • If an allergen enters the body, your immune system triggers an antibody response. The antibodies bind to special cells, most importantly the mast cells. When the antibodies come in contact with the allergen, the mast cells release their own substances, including histamine. This causes unpleasant swelling and inflammation in the surrounding tissue - and it is your allergic reaction. When irritation remains localized in one area of ​​the body, most symptoms are focused on the affected part of the body (for example, skin, airways, or eyes).

  • Although our products are not designed to treat eczema or contact dermatitis, our formulas are free of unnecessary additives such as perfumes and dyes - making them gentle enough to be applied to eczema-prone skin. All skin types can benefit from milder household and body care formulas as they help prevent skin irritation and skin allergic reactions.