From the environment around you to the products you use - read our advice on how your daily routine can cause dry skin.

The symptoms of dry skin can change from day to day, depending on factors such as the weather, your stress level and the products you use. Read more about how to identify simple changes in your daily routine that can help you avoid dryness, and why Neutral is the ideal choice for gentle care.

Make simple changes    

Think about how your lifestyle can give dry skin, and see if you can do something different. Small changes in everything from your office environment to the choice of detergent can make a big difference. Winter skin is often prone to dryness: Air can hold on to more water vapor at higher temperatures, so on a very cold day there is almost no moisture in the air. By staying protected from wind and sun, you can help protect your skin from the cold.

Frequent washing is another culprit when we talk about dry skin, especially for your hands. If chronic dryness and chapped hands are not treated, it can result in some form of irritating contact dermatitis. The skin can become vulnerable and develop allergies to the products you use, and this can lead to allergic dermatitis. Neutral liquid soap effectively removes dirt while protecting the skin's natural pH to minimize the risk of skin irritation and skin allergic reactions.

Moisturizing skin care

Skin care is about biology: You want to help your skin maintain an optimal moisture balance in relation to the surrounding environment. The epidermis, also called the epidermis, acts as a partial moisture barrier and helps regulate the moisture level in the skin.

Moisture helps the lipid structures, or fatty acids, between the cells of the stratum corneum to maintain a fluid state. Washing with harsh soaps removes both outer and inner lipids, damaging the stratum corneum and disrupting this barrier. It can trigger a vicious circle of dehydration: The more damage the upper layer of the skin is exposed to, the more difficult it is for it to maintain an optimal level of function.

Neutral's scalp, face and body products are dermatologically tested and produced without perfume or dyes and provide a fresher and softer experience without skin irritation.

Mild household products

Rough detergents and household cleaning fluids are particularly harmful. To avoid problems, always read the label on the products that your skin comes in contact with. Ideally, it is best to choose products with as few chemicals or unnecessary additives as possible. Our washing and dishwashing products are designed to be gentle on the skin, while removing stains and dirt and softening your clothes. This means you can get the same clean results that you normally expect, combined with a gentle finish that leaves you safe all day.