The way you handle your family's bedding, clothes and toys can go a long way to caring for your family's skin. Our Frequently Asked Questions can help you keep your laundry safe for your family's skin.

How much detergent should I use?

One of the factors that affects how much detergent you need is your water hardness. This varies from area to area, but you can get the information you need from your local water company. As a rule of thumb, the harder your water, the more detergent you'll need - but it's worth finding out the exact value, as using too much detergent can leave soap residue on your clothes, which can trigger a skin reaction.

Can I wear my new clothes right away?

It is best if you wash new clothes before putting them on, as it helps to remove dye residues and other possible chemical residues from the manufacturing process. With this simple step, you reduce the risk of triggering a skin reaction.

How do I ensure that all detergent is removed during washing?

You may want to program your washing machine to run an extra rinse. This option is available on most machines and helps remove soap residue from your clothes, which in turn can help you protect your skin and avoid irritation.

What temperature should I wash my clothes at?

Lower washing temperatures are not only more cost effective, they are also better for the environment. Wash your bedding, underwear and towels at 60 degrees to remove all bacteria, and choose a lower temperature like 30 degrees for everything else.

What type of detergent should I use?

Washing powder made without dyes and perfumes is best as these ingredients are typical sources of irritation. Whether the skin types in your family range from normal to sensitive, Neutral's allergy - friendly formulas with 0% perfume and 0% dyes help you take good care of your family's skin.

How often should I wash bedding or my children's toys?

Wash your bedding and children's soft toys at 60 degrees at least every 2 weeks. When the children play on the floor and hug the toy, the soft toy collects lots of dust and bacteria. Regular washing will remove as many bacteria and dust mites as possible and give them a wonderful fresh scent.

Should I use fabric softener?

Fabric softener prevents static electricity, makes ironing easier and your clothes softer. However, if your clothes feel greasy after washing, then you have probably used a little too much fabric softener, so try a smaller dosage for the next wash.

How can I get fresh scented clothes without using perfumed products?

Clothes absorb odours from the surrounding environment, so try to hang your clothes to dry outside, it gives a natural, fresh scent. And at the same time makes the clothes softer than clothes that have been dried indoors.