If you have a small child with asthma, allergies or eczema, we have some good advice you can follow in everyday life and when you take care of your child.

Tips for the home

  • Thoroughly clean the home at least once a week. Use detergents without perfume.
  • Air out in all rooms three times daily for 5-10 minutes with drafts. Also ventilate after showering, cooking and cleaning, so you keep the humidity in the home down.
  • Keep the temperature at 20 degrees inside during the winter. It reduces the relative humidity and thus the risk of the occurrence of house dust mites and moulds.
  • Do not dry clothes indoors. It increases the relative humidity. If you use a dryer, make sure it has an outdoor vent.
  • Avoid tobacco smoke. The substances in the smoke aggravate asthma symptoms and increase the risk of asthma and asthmatic bronchitis in your child.
  • Avoid strong odours such as mados, perfume, fumes from candles, etc.
  • Wash all duvets, pillows and mattresses four times a year at 60 degrees. Vacuum mattresses, and wash linens every two weeks.
  • Wash new clothes 1-2 times before use. New clothes may contain chemicals that can irritate the skin and cause rashes and allergies.
  • Use detergents without perfume and dyes.

Skin care tips

  • Choose care products without perfume and dyes for your child. These ingredients can irritate the skin, aggravate eczema and lead to contact allergies.
  • Drop all kinds of perfumed products, including the organic ones. Natural or organic perfumes and essential oils can also cause allergies.
  • Avoid bathing your child in unnecessarily hot baths, and do not overdo the use of soap. It can remove the skin's natural moisture barrier and make your baby's skin dry and delicate.
  • Lubricate your baby's skin with cream immediately after bathing. Then you help restore the delicate skin's natural moisture level and prevent the skin from becoming dry and vulnerable.

Neutral minimizes the risk of developing allergies

All products from Neutral are declared in collaboration with Asthma-Allergy Denmark and bear the allergy label Den Blå Krans. This means that the patients' association has assessed the ingredients in Neutral and concluded that they pose a minimal risk of developing allergies, based on the latest research.