Start the spring with the best possible skin care routine. With these 3 tips, you can evaluate your skincare routine so that you are ready for spring.

No matter where in the world you are, spring is usually equal to one thing: head cleaning. The phenomenon of spring cleaning goes back a long way, but it is not only our houses that benefit from an overhaul - now that you are getting to grips with the dust in the corners of the home, it is also the perfect time to review your skincare routine. Now that the sun is starting to reappear and the weather is getting warmer, it's a good idea to revise your skin care habits so you can start spring with the best possible routine.

Repair the damage    

Has the winter road caused irritation in sensitive problem areas? The time has come to give these areas a little extra attention with a fatter cream in your daily routine. Try Neutral intensive repair cream, which relieves particularly dry spots, chapped skin areas, eg on hands and elbows, and leaves the skin well nourished and noticeably softer.

Put yourself in the picture

Take the opportunity to make sure that your skincare routine fits your skin optimally. Maybe you have overlooked steps that will be beneficial to add. Or maybe a new application method can give your products greater effect: For example, if you are not already using a skin tonic, this may be a really good idea. It can prepare your skin for the moisturizer and make the makeup a much better experience. Neutral skintonic is gentle on sensitive skin, helps minimize pores and gives a feeling of clean and fresh skin.

Update your wardrobe

If a new season equals new clothes - or digging up the old cloths from last year - we always recommend that you wash the clothes in Neutral's detergents before using them. New clothes may contain harsh chemical residues from the production process, and clothes that have been tucked away may have accumulated dust, which may irritate sensitive skin. A trip to the washing machine will help remove dust and chemicals and make your clothes feel as nice as they look.